PS Congress: Oliver Faure leads with 49.15 % of vote, according to final results

The orientation text of the first outgoing secretary won the most votes from socialist activists, before that of Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol. The two men will compete next Thursday to run for the head of the PS.

Mo12345lemonde with AFP

The battle of figures ended the Socialist Party. The orientation text of the first outgoing secretary of the PS Olivier Faure came to the top of the vote of socialist activists with 49.15 % of the votes, before that of Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol 30.51 %, according to the final results communicated Friday, January 13 by the party.

The two men will compete on January 19 in duel to run for the head of the PS before a congress at the end of January in Marseille. The third orientation text, that presented by Hélène Geoffroy, collected 20.34 % of the votes, specifies the Revolving Commission.

“The activists have placed me very largely in mind, at almost 50 %, and made a choice of clarity,” said Faure in an interview at Parisian , ensuring to have “on this basis, of an absolute majority at the National Council”. The activists “comforted our desire to gather the left and environmentalists”, he assures. The text of M. Faure collected 11,277 votes out of the 22,944 expressed, against 7,001 for that of Mayer-Rossignol.

the alliance with the majority clip

This vote gave rise to a battle of figures within the Socialist Party between the first outgoing secretary and his challenger, the mayor of Rouen. The outgoing direction explains that Olivier Faure, who defends the left alliance Nutpes, with LFI, the PCF and EELV concluded in May, is the majority at the National Council of the Party.

But Nicolas Mayer-Rossignol, more critical of the Nutples, assured that his rival would cap at 48.5 %, which makes him “minority” and therefore “inability to lead the party”.

The members’ vote counts for two-thirds in the composition of the National Council, the rest being obtained by the elections of the first federal secretaries. The members will vote again next Thursday to formally choose their first secretary.

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