Liquidation of market space (ex-Toupargel): “We will fight with what we have left”

The Commercial Court of Lyon acted on Friday the disappearance of the company specializing in the distribution of fresh and frozen products at home. In total, 1,900 employees will be dismissed.

by Aline Leclerc

In the absence of a buyer, the employees did not have any illusions. As they feared, the Commercial Court of Lyon decided on Friday, January 13, of the compulsory liquidation of the company Place du Marché (ex-Toupargel) and its companies Sisters Touparlog and Eismann, causing the economic dismissal of 1,900 people in total. One of the most important social plans in recent years.

Several hundred employees of the company for the distribution of fresh and frozen products at home had crossed France to demonstrate in court on the day of the hearing on Wednesday. Unexpectedly, the judgment had then been put under deliberation forty-eight hours, creating the expectation of last-minute compensatory measures. In vain: to date, for lack of funds available, employees will only leave with the legal minimum.

“It is a dry liquidation. These two days were used to delay the anger of the employees, there is nothing more, summarizes, disappointed, Wafaa Kohily, secretary of the CSE (CGT). But we will continue the mobilization to demand a supralegal bonus and better conditions of support and protection of employees, “she added, deploring that to date” very few elected officials have expressed their support “.

warehouse blocking

Sad epilogue of success Story Toupargel, which had known its success in the 1980s, especially in rural areas, thanks to canvassing by phone. But the company had missed the Internet turn, and stranded, during the 2010s, to renew an aging clientele.

Placed in receivership three years ago, she had then been taken up at the bar of the court by the company Agihold, the Léo and Patrick Bahadourian brothers, co -founders and shareholders of the Grand Frais brand, and 90 E French fortune according to the latest ranking of Challenges magazine. And renamed “Place du Marché”. Without that they manage to straighten the bar.

The company is liquidated less than three months after its placement under safeguard procedure. The liquidation was imposed because “the only buyer candidate, the company Holding Tazita, withdrew from its email recovery offer of December 28” 2022 and that “Place du Marché will not be able to continue Its activity without generating new debts “, observes the judgment, of which Mo12345lemonde obtained a copy.

Place du Marché has 110 agencies spread across the territory and three command preparation platforms in Argentan (Orne), Montauban, and Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire).

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