Franck Leroy elected president of Grand-Est region

The mayor of Epernay (Marne) succeeded Jean Rottner on Friday, resigning at the end of December.


Franck Leroy, mayor of Epernay (Marne) was elected, Friday, January 13, president of the Grand-Est region. With 96 votes to 34 for the other candidate, the representative of the National Rally (RN) Laurent Jacobelli, the support of Emmanuel Macron succeeds Jean Rottner (Les Républicains), resigning at the end of December.

The centrist, who celebrated his 60th birthday on Thursday, was the first vice-president of the region and occupied the temporary worker at his head since the departure the former mayor of Mulhouse, who left to join the consulting firm and a real estate promoter Realities.

Franck Leroy assured that his mandate would be that of “change in continuity”, welcoming his predecessor, Jean Rottner: “The regional majority has a mandate. This mandate, he comes from the regional elections of spring 2021. He will be respected, “he said in his speech after his election, which earned him a standing ovation on the part of the majority.

RN spokesperson and deputy for the Moselle, Laurent Jacobelli presented his “republican congratulations” to him while warning him: “You are a president under surveillance.”

Franck Leroy appears as an opponent determined on the far right, and arises as a defender of the regional economic fabric. “I will forcefully fight all the extremisms and populist drifts that weaken our democracy,” he launched in his speech after his election.

refusal to return to an Alsace region

While the merger within the Grand-Est of the old Alsace, Lorraine and Champagne-Ardenne regions is regularly contested, he refuses the bill written by ten right-wing deputies and the center for a return to an Alsace region of Full exercise. “The vast majority of actors, even in Alsace, considers that the challenges are elsewhere and that the perimeter of our region is no longer a subject” and that reducing it “would be a regression,” he said on Friday.

Graduated in law and Sciences Po Paris, he became mayor of Epernay following Bernard Stasi, of which he had become the assistant. Member of Horizons, the training of the former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron, Edouard Philippe, he did not renew his membership to “reassure” certain elected officials of his majority.

On December 20, Jean Rottner (LR) announced that he was leaving public life and withdrew from “his [his] mandates” due “to family imperatives”. A few days later, he announced that he joined the Consulting and Promoter Realities Consulting Cabinet.

listed on the stock market, this company presents itself as “a territorial development group”, leading real estate projects such as the extension of the Bauer stadium in Saint-Ouen (Seine-Saint-Denis), with the Bank of Territories, or The development of a new district in Saint-Brieuc (Côtes-d’Armor).

This recruitment caused strong reactions from elected officials of the regional council, some pointing to a risk of conflict of interest, others seeing it as an attack on the political line of the region and the sincerity of the regional ballot from June 2021.


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A href=”” Target = “_ Blank” Rel = “Noopener” Title = “New window”> Latest news from Alsace also revealed that Mr. Rottner held a consultant position, from October 2019 to March 2022, for a head hunter firm whose Grand-Est region was also client. A complaint against X was filed with the National Financial Public Prosecutor’s Office (PNF) in this context by the AC Association! ! Anticorruption.

Jean Rottner, 55, ex-emergency room, had succeeded in 2017 to Philippe Richert, himself resigning.

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