College: new hour of support in 6th grade will be at expense of technology

The Ministry of National Education has announced the abolition of one hour of technology in 6th grade to allow the implementation of the main measure of Pap Ndiaye for the entry to college.

By Eléa Pommiers

This is an aspect that Pap Ndiaye had not mentioned by revealing his first measures for the college, Wednesday January 4. The flagship system of the “new 6 e ” wanted by the Minister of National Education, the establishment of an hour of support or deepening in math or French for all students entering In college will result in the abolition of an hour of technology in the timetable. This is what rue de Grenelle, Wednesday, January 11, detailing the implementation of the Minister’s announcements and the “educational recommendations” to strengthen “fundamental knowledge”, especially in CM1, CM2 and 6 e .

“There will be no increase in the number of hours of courses in 6 e “, underlined the Directorate General for School Education (DGESCO). The new hour of weekly support will be included in the 26 hours of compulsory lessons, instead of that of technology. According to the texts published in the Official Bulletin Thursday, it will take the form of sessions bringing together students from different classes, distributed “according to their results to the assessments”, some to consolidate fragile achievements, others to deepen already controlled skills.

They will be organized around “key skills” to work, such as fluidity in reading, spelling, fractions or calculation. The service notes specify that these sessions “can in particular be provided by school teachers” but, due to participation on the basis of volunteer and paid in overtime, the ministry does not know how many of them will actually intervene. Nor did it specify the human and financial resources which would be necessary for the application of this measure, supplemented by the generalization to all 6 e of the accompanied study time to help the students To do their homework in college – the “Duties” system, which today concerns 44 % of young middle school students.

a “sleight of hand”

The methods of removal of the technology time will be the subject of specific texts, but teaching should thus disappear as such in 6 e at the start of the 2023 school year, or almost. Certain themes of his program can be integrated into the teachings of physics-chemistry and life and earth sciences, said the Dgesco.

In the union ranks, this two -step announcement irritates and arbitration makes you jump, even if it only surprises. The hypothesis of the removal of the technology time in 6 e had been formulated in November 2022 by the Ministry of National Education in the context of exchanges on future reforms. But she had not been confirmed, nor mentioned again after the announcements of Pap Ndiaye last week, according to the representatives of the teachers.

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