Chainalysis: volume of cryptocurrency associated with illegal activity in 2022 exceeded $ 20 billion

The illegal use of cryptocurrencies last year reached a record $ 20.1 billion, since the number of transactions with the participation of companies that fell under US sanctions increased sharply. This is evidenced by data blockchain-analytical company Chainalysis.

According to Chainalysis, the volume of cryptocurrency transactions associated with illegal activities increased by more than $ 2 billion in 2022, despite the “collapse of the cryptocurrency market” and “activation of regulatory organs”.

Analysts note that this assessment is underestimated, as it does not include cases when cryptocurrency was used as a payment drug in drug trafficking and people. After additional research and data clarification, this figure will increase, the researchers explain. For example, the figure for 2021 was revised from $ 14 billion to $ 18 billion.

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