“France-Soir” finds, at least temporarily, its online press approval

The judge in summary proceedings of the Paris Administrative Court ordered the joint commission of publications and press agencies to restore the assistance regime enjoyed by the website before the decision of November 30, 2022.

by Brice Laemle

The judge in summary proceedings of the Paris administrative court suspended, Friday, January 13, the decision of the joint commission of publications and press agencies (CPPAP) not to renew the press approval online from France-Soir. The independent organization responsible for allocating this certificate giving entitlement to certain aids had withdrawn its approval on the website, on December 5, 2022, believing that the latter was devoid of the “character of general interest as to the dissemination of thought”, A condition required for any online press service.

This suspension must run until the Council of State decides on the merits, informs The press release of the administrative court. In the meantime, the latter orders the CPPAP to restore the aid regime enjoyed by the press title before the decision of November 30.

The judge in summary proceedings, seized in particular by the lawyers of Shopper Union France, the company operating the France-Soir website, considered that “the CPPAP would not have ruled with impartiality”, and that is clean to create “a serious doubt about the legality of the decision”.

Critical discourse

Without appointing Laurence Franceschini, the president of the commission, the ordinance notes that a member of the organization would have expressed himself publicly and prior to the decision, within the framework of the work conducted by the BRONNE commission.

“By virtue of the principles of impartiality of the court and administrative impartiality that meet, M me Franceschini should have deported the case relating to the renewal of our registration”, defended, At the end of the morning Friday, the former general daily daily invigorated by the health crisis, in particular by relaying all the critical and conspiratorial discourses inspired by the crisis due to the coronavirus.

After having read the decision of the administrative court, the director of the publication, Xavier Azalbert, said he was “satisfied by this committing decision for the media”. “This highlights the fact that the latter did not question the proportionality and the correctness of the CPPAP decision,” he wants to believe.

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