End of zero covid in China, limited effect on French economy

With the exception of the expected effects on the tourism sector, the generalized deconflection of China could well increase a little more ultimately inflationary tensions in France.

by Béatrice Madeline

The end of zero covid policy in China? “The most obvious impact for the French and most direct economy is the return of Chinese tourists,” replied François Chimits, economist at the Center for Prospective Studies and International Information (CEPII) and Mercator Institute for China Studies (MERICS). Blessed bread for professionals in the sector, and a little boost to hexagonal activity, since “this represents several tenths of GDP point, entirely generated on the national territory”.

But for the rest, there is no miracle to expect from the reopening of China. Firstly because at first, the end of zero covid results in an explosion of contaminations, with its share of side effects on the economy … and which can have the same type of consequences as zero covid policy -Meme.

/Media reports cited above.