State of health of American footballer Damar Hamlin, victim of cardiac arrest in middle of match, improves

The 24 -year -old defender collapsed after a veneer on Monday during the duel between Cincinnati and Buffalo. It remains hospitalized and in critical condition.

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News are reassuring. Three days after his cardiac arrest in the middle of the NFL match, the American football championship, the state of health of the Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin player improves “remarkably”, announced his club on Thursday, January 6. “Although [the player] is still in critical condition (…), his lungs continue to heal and he makes constant progress,” reported the New York franchise in a morning press release.

Two surgeons at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center (Ohio), where the 24 -year -old young man has been taken care of, gave some details on the evolution of his health, during a conference of hurry. Damar Hamlin “now shows signs of good neurological recovery as well as a global clinical improvement, as was previously reported, linked not only to its vital signs but also to many of his other individual bodies,” said Doctor William Knight , principal doctor and professor of emergency medicine

“Since [Thursday] morning, he begins to wake up and it seems that his state and his neurological functions are intact,” added Doctor Timothy Pritts, head of division of general surgery of the same establishment, recalling however that ‘”He is still in critical condition and continues to be treated in the intensive care unit”.

“We wanted to allow him to wake up gradually, as the rest of his body healed. Last night, he was able to emerge and follow instructions,” continued the practitioner. “He even asked if he had won the match,” not vocally but in writing. “The answer is yes, you have won the match for your life.”

“Putting the helmet is a good thing”

On January 2, the duel between the Bengals cincinnati and the Buffalo Bills, posted seventeenth and penultimate day of the regular NFL season, had turned short: Damar Hamlin had collapsed on the field after About ten minutes of play, victim of a cardiac arrest following a terrible shock in the chest suffered by placing an opponent.

An impressive sequence, seen by millions of viewers, which occurred in a stadium full to suddenly cracking down. The players of the two teams had immediately gathered around him, many of them praying on his knees, some in tears.

The young man was then taken care of quickly to receive medical first care for more than half an hour. An emergency intervention welcomed by Doctor Knight. “A large number of care teams” were present and “participated in the help of Mr. Hamlin in the field. This allowed a very immediate resuscitation”.

The NFL, which had postponed the Sine Die match, finally decided to cancel it, in consultation with the two teams and the NFLPA, the union organization which represents professional players. On the other hand, the last day of the regular season is maintained this weekend and the Bills, returned to training, will receive the New England Patriots, Sunday.

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“Putting the helmet is a good thing, you have to go through this process,” said Quarterback Josh Allen. “I would lie to you if I did not say that some people will be changed forever after having witnessed this on the field. Hearing good news from Damar pushes us to move forward.”

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