From odd jobs to disillusions, life according to licensees from SAM, in Aveyron

On the approximately 330 founders of the Aveyronnaise metallurgy company having seen their activity stop in November 2021, only 57 found a stable job.

by Audrey Sommazi (Toulouse , correspondence)

“At 59 years old, and by being a woman, we have not much choice”, deplores Mauricette Carles, who carried out, as a production agent, thirty-four years of work at the Aveyronnaise company Metallurgy (SAM), a automotive foundry located in the heart of the old steel valley of Decazeville (Aveyron). “I went to person help, she said. I didn’t need training since the household, I knew how to do it at home.”

Since August 8, Mimi is his nickname, begins his days at 7:45 am, swallows the kilometers to go to the home of dependent elderly people, and, at 7 p.m., is finally back home, exhausted. “I give food to my chickens and my dogs, and I go to bed, because I am a ratatored, she sighs. Morally, it’s difficult. I whine, and there are nights when I don’t sleep Not well. I am no longer 20 years old, and old age touches me. She scares me. “

On November 26, 2021, after many twists and turns, the Commercial Court of Toulouse definitively sealed the fate of this company founded in 1973, by deciding the immediate judgment of its activity. Like the 330 other employees, Mimi was thanked. As part of the Special Fund for the Conversion of Automobile Employees, decided in 2021, it could have benefited from the takeover of the quarters to go early. However, this is not the case.

“Two layoffs in one year”

“Even if I have all my quarters, I miss 5,000 euros in subscription, she explains. I did not validate my long career. So I took the bull by the horns by signing A contract for six months. “To give herself courage, she puts into perspective:” I am not the most to complain. I have a job, I am paid and I do not have for long. “Among the former employees , 205 have found the way to employment or training. But only 57 of them signed a permanent contract.

“It is insufficient”, regrets Ghislaine Gistau, ex-quality of quality, and representative of the CGT, entry into SAM twenty-seven years ago. “However, we were told and repeat that it was not going to be complicated to find a permanent contract”, plague the one who has already started its phase according to SAM: since 1 er September, It is used in an administration, for a period of three years.

The link between former employees of the foundry is not broken. The Amicale des Founders de la Sam, which M Me gistau has been chaired since its creation, in January, allows the maintenance of fraternal contact. Saturday, November 12, the association organized an aperitif-concert in the Boisse-Penchot village hall, a village of 500 inhabitants eight by car from Decazeville. “My God, that it feels good, remembers Mimi, who finds a smile. We kicked out in our arms. We laughed. I enjoyed it. It makes a terrible good, because my colleagues, I Likes them. “

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