Users will receive compensation for data leaks

Minzifra is developing a bill providing for control of the leakage of personal data and the introduction of a system of working fines and compensations.

Civil lengths for leakage of data from customers of the company will be up to 1% of annual revenue. In addition, the mincifers have introduced a system for compensation for damage to users. This measure is aimed at reducing fines for companies in which a leak occurred.

The head of the Ministry of Civil Academy of Sciences, Maksut Shadaev, explained that the ministry stimulates the business to invest not only in the protection system, but also be responsible for incidents. The company can pay the minimum amount of a working fine if it settles questions with at least 65% of customers whose data appears in the leak.

The companies are also required to notify the mincifers about the data leak, otherwise the company will have to pay a fine in an even larger amount than for the leak itself.

In accordance with applicable law, the maximum fine for the leakage of personal data of users is 500 thousand rubles. The new bill will be submitted to the State Duma until the end of 2022, now it is submitted for discussion with representatives of the industry.

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