Dominique Voynet returns to politics

The former minister brigys the post of regional secretary of Europe Ecologie-les Verts in Burgundy-Franche-Comté.

by Jean-Pierre Tenoux (Besançon, correspondent)

By touching his coffee in a Besançon brewery, Dominique Voynet assures him: “I do this for the collective, I no longer have a personal electoral ambition.” Smile in the corner in support, for the case where we would allow ourselves to doubt it. “That” is therefore his return to politics. Basically, as in its infancy. At 64, the one who was a deputy European, deputy of the Jura (without sitting in the hemicycle since Lionel Jospin immediately integrated him into his government in 1997), Minister of Spatial Planning and the Environment, Senator of Seine -Saint-Denis then mayor of Montreuil, among other mandates, will seek, Sunday, March 26, the post of regional secretary of Europe Ecologie-les Verts (EELV) in his native Franche-Comté.

She will be elected because she presents a unique list that she patiently chopped. “I wanted it open at all motions and representative of all local groups,” she explains. The precision is not useless in Burgundy-Franche-Comté, a region where many activists are annoyed by the “excessive weight” taken by their colleagues EELV de Besançon. Especially since the 2020 municipal election which saw one of their own, Anne Vignot, access the Town Hall at the head of a list where the leftist partners of the previous municipality found themselves, shaken by departure With weapons and luggage of Jean-Louis Fousseret their socialist mayor at Emmanuel Macron.

“Recreate human bond, confidence”

“By taking the time to exchange, I realized that many activists felt isolated, not necessarily lost but left to themselves, a feeling also due to the multiplication of videoconferences after confinement, explains Dominique Voynet. It was necessary to recreate human bond, confidence, fraternity, restore pride, “green pride”, to those who wanted to engage more on the ground and be listened to. And to reconnect with the unions of the automobile, farmers, all those who have moved away from us … “

This desire for the troops to go back to the front, the former national secretary of the Greens, retired since September 2021 from his post as director general of the regional health agency of Mayotte, shared it. She would have liked to carry the health subject from the presidential campaign of Yannick Jadot, which she supported. But activists have dismissed her on the grounds that she had testified “to rebalance the balancing sets” at the defamation trial brought in 2019 by Denis Baupin to his accusers and to various media, after surveys relating facts of harassment and Sexual assault.

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