“dry law” of United States to processors caused violent reaction in China

The Chinese giant in the field of artificial intelligence BAIDU ignored the US ban on the export of certain semiconductor technologies to China, saying that this will not have a noticeable influence on the company’s work in the field of AI and can actually speed up China’s desire for Silicon Self -sufficiency.

The head of the Baidu Ai Cloud Dow Group called the influence of US sanctions ” limited “ -at least in the near future.

Shen explained that the Baidu Jead business does not depend much on the high-tech chips, and said that Baidu has “some alternatives to limited chips” necessary for work as usual. Baidu has its own Kunlun AI-Chip, which is already used to serve foreign customers.

Shen also noted that car processors are not included in the list of prohibited, so artificial intelligence of cars will not be affected. “We expect that in the future more auto parts will be produced in China, including the main chips,” Shen said. According to him, this will lead to the fact that the supply chain of automotive industry may become less dependent on imports.

Moreover, the BAIDU income report for the third quarter of 2022 showed 24% an increase in AI Cloud (compared to 2021) to $ 630 million per quarter. The total revenue increased by 2% amounted to $ 4.5 billion.

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