US police will use killer robots

Supervision Council of San Francisco will vote for political proposal , which will allow the Police Department of San Francisco (SFPD ) use robots authorized to kill people. Voting on the issue of accepting the proposal in the first reading is scheduled for November 29.

According to SFPD, such use is not planned at present, and the political proposal is characterized as the approval of the further use of robotic systems acquired over the past 8 years.

According to the proposal, “robots will be used only as a deadly power means, when the risk of the death of the population or officers is inevitable and outweigns by any other option of counteraction available to SFPD”.

The robots indicated in the project of policies include various remotely controlled machines designed to move heavy objects, destroying walls, disposal of ammunition, reconnaissance and observation. These include:

  • Remotec F5a, 6A and Rons;
  • Qinetiq Talon and Dragon Runner;
  • Irobot Firstlook;
  • Reconrobotics Recon Scout Throwbot.

None of the models is intended for wearing firearms, but some of them can be used for murder.

/Media reports cited above.