Alistered Apple care for user privacy – myth?

Detailed analytical data activity in Apple App Store can be tied directly to the Apple account – about this told on Twitter developers From Mysk. According to them, this happens using the DSID tool (Directory Services Identifier, catalogs identifier).

This tool is associated with Apple ID and ICLOD and Apple can be used to collect information about the user and determine the patterns of behavior in the App Store. All collected information can be used by an IT giant for their own purposes and even sent to third-party companies.

The most interesting here is that Apple does not violate any privacy rules, since in the “App Store and Privacy” section there are the following lines: “To find new ways to improve stores, we use information about your activity on the Internet, purchases, Search queries and loading. This information is stored with an IP address, a random unique identifier (if necessary), as well as with Apple ID, if you entered the App Store or other Apple online store. “

In addition, it is not clear what information is seen by Apple. How explains the publication Gizmodo, Apple encrypts data on use and does not necessarily process data Personal and general information together. But the main problems are that Apple does not describe its analytical data collection methods, and some tracking tools (the same DSID, for example) cannot be turned off. Therefore, there are fears that the company can violate its promises about the confidentiality of users, even if the information collected is limited.

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