Corrida: Emmanuel Macron pleads for “conciliation” rather than ban

The total prohibition of bullfighting is one of the twelve texts on the menu of the parliamentary niche of France rebellious in the National Assembly on Thursday.


On the eve of the examination to the assembly of a text of rebellious France (LFI) aimed at banning bullfighting, Emmanuel Macron declared, Wednesday, November 23, that there will be “no ‘Prohibition tomorrow “, pleading for” a conciliation, an exchange “.

“From where I am, that is not the priority of the moment. This subject must walk in respect and consideration,” said the head of state on the sidelines of a visit to Salon of the Association of Mayors of France.

“We must take into account the local specificities and customs to which our compatriots are legitimately attached. And the animal condition and the sensitivity it awakens, in particular among the young generations. As soon as we are in the invective, It doesn’t work, “he added.

“The animal condition is not always sufficiently listened to, it is a real subject. When we talk about hunting, bullfight, the subject of the animal condition, it must be tackled”, and “of the same way you have to look at what is in our culture, “he continued.

He insisted that “these debates were carried out in respect. By respecting traditions and our culture because people have the impression of being dispossessed of their culture. And with respect for our commitment to the Biodiversity and the climate. There is a path “.

At the origin of the bill against bullfight, the LFI Aymeric Caron denounced an “way of making Emmanuel Macron to” put pressure on Renaissance deputies “. “The executive had already said that he would oppose the ban on bullfight, ignoring the will of the French. But it is up to the assembly to decide, not to the president. This way of doing , by putting pressure on Renaissance deputies, is unacceptable “, a

The text on the bullfight is the subject of a deposit of more than 500 amendments. “Pure and simple obstruction”, with “certain amendments that attack me” personally, had deplored Mr. Caron on Monday. Despite majority support in opinion, the proposal, rejected in committee, is unlikely to be approved.

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