Sharp increase in electronics prices is expected in Russia

Russian electronics manufacturers asked the government to introduce new duties on imported equipment and increase existing ones. For smartphones, laptops, servers and data storage systems that are now not taxed, it is proposed to enter it in the amount of 5%. It is reported by “Kommersant”.

Also, at a meeting in the government, several large enterprises advocated a complete ban on parallel import of electronics, the analogues of which are collected in Russia.

According to one of the federal officials, the Mincifers supported the idea, and the Ministry of Economic Development “is still skeptical.” In addition, the Ministry of Industry and Trade confirmed the proposal for changes in duties and emphasized that such practice is applied in other sectors to those devices that are produced by domestic factories.

According to one of the manufacturers, the introduction of duties should be agreed with the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) in accordance with the obligations of Russia to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

However, the director of the DIHOUSE electronics company Andrei Tarasov fears that the duties for imported equipment will lead to a reduction in the assortment of sellers and price growth.

/Media reports.