Vladimir Resident Attempts State Resource Hack Twice

FSB officers in the Vladimir region exposed a 34-year-old local resident in an attempt to commit a crime, in accordance with part 1 of Article 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

We are talking about “creating, distributing or using computer programs or other computer information, obviously intended for unauthorized destruction, blocking, modification, copying computer information or neutralizing computer information protection tools.” The punishment for such actions provides for up to 4 years in prison and a fine of 200 thousand rubles.

As the investigation found out, the attacker in January 2023 began to be actively interested in the conduct of computer attacks on the information resources of the executive body of state power of the constituent entity of the Russian Federation.

For this, the man installed a program on his computer that can neutralize computer information protection means.

The press service of the FSB Office in the Vladimir Region said that he explained his motive with a desire to study the methods and means of performing computer attacks in order to determine the level of security of various Internet resources.

However, his actions did not go unnoticed. FSB officers held operational-search measures and seized equipment from the hacker. But the man was not afraid, and decided to find new equipment, so that, as the necessary skills, he would complete the plan.

In May 2023, in order to prevent the crime, he announced an official warning about the inadmissibility of actions creating the conditions for the commission of a crime under Part 1 of Art. 273 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.

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