3DS Update Breaks Common Hacking Methods

Nintendo has released firmware update version 11.17.0-50U for its portable console, the 3DS, on May 23. The company stated that the update was designed to improve the stability of the system and user experience. However, according to Reddit users in different subreddits dedicated to 3DS, the update eliminates the exploits that allowed 3DS owners to install unofficial software on their devices and launch pirate copies of games.

Some users have called on other owners not to install the update if they want to maintain the possibility of firmware, while others have turned off their 3DS from the internet to prevent Nintendo from interfering in their console. Some posts about the firmware were removed by moderators in R/3DS.

Nintendo has a history of fighting piracy on their consoles. The company previously turned off the opportunity to buy games in its ESHOP store for Wii U and 3DS users. This means that some games that were available only in digital format are now inaccessible to buyers without firmware.

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