Google Announces 2023 Open Source Peer Bonus Prize

Google has disclosed the winners of its Open Source Peer Bonus, a prize awarded for contribution to the evolution of open-source projects. The nominees are suggested by Google employees, but they should not be affiliated with the company. The award is presented to developers, technical writers, designers, community activists, mentors, security experts, and other individuals associated with open software.

This year, Google received 255 nominations for the award, which is a 49% increase from last year. A total of 203 people from 35 countries were granted the prize for their contributions to the progress of 150 open projects, including Angular, Apache Beam, Arch Linux ARM, Bluez, Carbon, Cups, Dart, Debian, Flutter, Gentoo, Gnome, Harfbuzz, Kubernetes, Linux, Opencv, Openris, Pypi, Python, Rust, Chromium, Llvm, and Mesa.

The winners will receive a certificate demonstrating Google’s recognition and a monetary reward whose size has not been revealed.

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