Goldendict 1.5.0 Released After 10-Year Hiatus

GoldenDict 1.5.0, an application for working with vocabulary and supporting various formats of dictionaries and encyclopedias, has been released. The software is also capable of displaying documents in HTML format using the WebKit engine. The project code is written in C++ using the QT library and is distributed under the GPLV3+ license. The software is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS platforms.

Among the features of GoldenDict 1.5.0, there is a graphic interface based on tabs that allows users to work in the form of a pop-up hint that explains the meaning or translation of words allocated or placed in the clipboard. Additionally, the software supports searching while accounting for morphology, and the possibility of reproducing the correct sound pronunciation of searched words. The software also supports a wide range of dictionary formats, such as Stardict, Babylon, Lingvo, Dictd, Aard, Mdict, and SDICT, and can integrate with Wikipedia and sites based on the Mediawiki engine.

GoldenDict 1.5.0 is notable for being published 10 years later than the initially outlined release date, with the last stable release having been formed in 2010 and version 1.5.0 planned for release in September 2013. The latest version includes several functional changes. One change is the adaptation of the codebase for assembly with QT5 while solving modern graphics environment issues. Another change is the implementation of the interface of the built-in hint. The software also supports FFMPEG 5.0 files in “.oga”, “.webp”, “.mpa”, “.mp2”, and “.opus” formats, as well as several other formats.

GoldenDict 1.5.0 also includes support for XDXF (XML Dictionary Exchange Format), PML (Pango Markup Language), Slob, Epwing, ZIM, MDICT (.MDX/.MDD), Aard (Aar-HTML), SDICT and GLS formats. The software also features the implementation of the DICT protocol and a full-text search, as well as search using regular expressions. The latest version also includes a built-in multimedia player based on QMediaPlayer, the possibility of importing the history of requests from a file, and an option for dividing dictionaries into groups. Other new features include options to “Copy as a text” and “Copy the image,” the ability to place articles in the “Favorites” section, search mode using synonyms, support for encryption of keyword indexes, and the ability to work on touchscreen devices with control of screen gestures.

GoldenDict 1.5.0 is a highly efficient vocabulary application that offers users a vast array of features, making it

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