Mos.hub Code Library Now Available for Developers

Russian IT specialists gain access to Moscow’s open code library Mos.hub

All Russian IT specialists can now log in to the Moscow Library of Open Code Mos.hub (Moshab). The site is an alternative to Github and Gitlab, and is accompanied by the Moscow Information Technology Department (DIT).

After successful closed testing, the site is now open to all users who can log in through MOS ID. The main goals of Mos.hub are to provide Russian developers with an open area to collaborate on new projects, support the competitiveness of Russian decisions, and help programmers to break away from similar foreign platforms. The platform is part of a larger effort to create a metropolitan ecosystem of software development.

Developers have access to a code repository on Mos.hub, where they can store and improve the code jointly. The service allows for the configuration of rights to access code, enabling it to be open to all users or kept in a closed repository, accessible only by the author. All information on Mos.hub is stored in a protected data centre in Russia.

Future plans include the ability for developers to analyse code for errors and vulnerability, as well as comment and evaluate it. Mos.hub aims to become an analogue of foreign repositories, like GitHub and Gitlab.

Mos.hub is based on the Gitlab open platform. To verify users, the captcha is checked through the Google Recaptcha cloud service. User avatars are loaded from the website, providing owners with the opportunity to track user activity on the service.

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