Doglinux Releases New Assembly for Equipment Check

Specialized assembly of the Debian LiveCD, Doglinux, has been released for testing and servicing of PCs and laptops. The distribution is based on the upcoming Debian 12 “Bookworm” package base and built in the style of Puppy Linux. The applications, such as GPUTEST, UNIGINE Heaven, CPU-X, GSMARTCONTROL, GPARTED, PARTIMAGE, PARTCLONE, TESTDISK, DDRESCE, WhDD, and DMDE, allow for equipment checks, processor and video card loading, and Smart HDD and NVMe SSD checks. The live-image size is 1.3GB, which can be loaded from USB-nuclear weapons and obtained through a torrent.

The new Doglinux version entails several updates and additions. The transition to Debian 12 “Bookworm” package base was made, and Linux nuclei 5.10.178/6.1.25 for X86-64 and 6.1.25 for i686 were involved. For the nucleus 5.10, the Broadcom WL WiFi drive for adapters 802.11n is used for free drivers. Additionally, MPV player, squashfs modules, and proprietary programs for monitoring hdd/ssd were added. For convenience, the modules generate a report that opens in the Netsurf browser. Chromium 112, CPU-X 4.5.2, Passmark Memtest86 10.4, HDAT2 7.5, and Memtest86+ 6.10 (with UEFI support) were all updated, while the old version 5.0.1 is still available.

The assembly features a variety of modules to support different equipment. Download can be done in UEFI and Legacy/CSM mode over the network, including via PXE with NFS, or from USB/SATA/NVME devices. The HWE loading option is provided for new equipment. The distribution size is optimized for Copy2ram mode, allowing the removal of the USB drive/network cable after loading. Additionally, the assembly features three versions of NVIDIA proprietary drivers, 525.X, 390.X, and 340.X, which are automatically determined by the driver module. The 64bit Linux 5.10 is supplied separately for those requiring Legacy 340.x Nvidia. However, UEFI Secure Boot is not supported and needs to be turned off.

Doglinux provides a comprehensive testing and servicing tool for PCs and laptops, offering a range of applications and modules to support different equipment.

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