Scattered Spider and Blackcat: Uniqueness of Las Vegas Hamper

Two leading entertainment corporations Las Vegas, MGM and Caesars, collided with large-scale hacker Attacks. MGM systems were disconnected in all 31 resort complexes, while Caesars paid attackers a multimillion -dollar amount to avoid such a fate.

According to sources, the attacks were organized by the Khaker group Scatted Spider (in partnership with Alphv, also known as Blackcat). This group, which includes US and UK citizens, began its activity in May 2022.

“Social engineering methods that they use are distinguished by a high level of complexity. These hackers specialize in voice phishing, aimed at support services, call centers and even operating security centers,” said Stephen Erwin, senior consultant in TrustedSec.

Various methods of social engineering are another “trick” of Scatted Spider. Fishing campaigns are mainly carried out through Telegram, SMS and SIM-watering.

For initial penetration into the system, two-factor authentication is used reliably protects accounts on the Internet from most vulnerabilities.

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