Security News: Alexander Antipov, Issue 117

News Report

In a recent incident in the Netherlands, the football federation has paid a ransom of over 1 million euros to cybercriminals. The payment was made to prevent the potential leakage of personal data of football players, which included sensitive information such as their home addresses and salary details. The federation took this step to safeguard the privacy and security of the players.

Meanwhile, an innovative video technology has been introduced in the United States. This technology has the potential to revolutionize camera systems by enabling them to “see” through various obstacles like clouds, rain, fog, and other elements that cause light scattering. This advancement can open new possibilities in surveillance and imaging industries.

The field of information security poses significant challenges and risks for professionals. To tackle this, the G20 countries are planning to implement stricter control measures over cryptocurrency transactions. The aim is to reduce the associated stress, burnout, and mental health risks faced by individuals working in the sector. Additionally, scientists have made remarkable progress in data storage technology. They have developed tiny DNA chips capable of storing billions of gigabytes of information for thousands of years.

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