Caesars Entertainment Faces Lawsuit Over Leak

Caesars Entertainment Faces Lawsuit Over Data Leak

The Caesars Entertainment hotel and entertainment network is facing a collective lawsuit following a large-scale data leak, as disclosed in a statement issued by the company. Clients are demanding accountability for the disclosure of confidential information.

Miguel Rodriguez, representing the interests of participants in the Caesars loyalty program, is the main plaintiff in the lawsuit. According to the statement, the attackers gained access to approximately 6 terabytes of data, which could be used for fraudulent activities such as applying for loans, submitting fake tax returns, and creating counterfeit documents. The victims will need to continuously monitor their financial accounts for an extended period. Rodriguez is being represented by Las Vegas-based lawyer Miles Clark.

The statement from Rodriguez emphasizes the desire to hold the defendant responsible for the risks arising from inadequate security measures. It claims that Caesars Entertainment, which owns casinos and hotels under the brands Caesars, Eldorado, and Harrah’s, neglected the safety of its networks and software. Furthermore, the company allegedly failed to provide adequate protection through its technological partners, making its internal systems vulnerable to cybercriminals.

Additionally, Rodriguez alleges that Caesars Entertainment did not promptly notify customers of the incident and did not disclose the true extent of the data breach. This prevented affected individuals, including the plaintiff, from taking immediate measures to protect themselves and mitigate the damage.

The plaintiffs are seeking compensation for damages, tripled fines for the organization, and the implementation of penalties. They are also requesting reimbursement for any expenses incurred. Furthermore, they demand court-mandated improvements to protection systems and regular audits.

Caesars Entertainment has acknowledged taking all possible measures, including considering ransom, but is unable to guarantee a positive outcome.

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