Webkitgtk 2.42.0 Browser Engine Released, Servo Project Updated

News Report: Webkitgtk 2.42.0 Released for GTK Platform

The release of a new stable branch, Webkitgtk 2.42.0, has been presented. Webkitgtk is a port of the browser engine Webkit for the GTK platform. With Webkitgtk, users can integrate web-content processing tools into various applications, from specialized HTML/CSS parking to creating full-function web browsers. The software interface is based on Gobject and widely used in Gnome-oriented software.

One of the notable projects using Webkitgtk is the standard Gnome browser, Epiphany. Webkitgtk was previously used in the Midori browser until the project transitioned to the Astian Foundation, resulting in the abandonment of the old version of Midori on Webkitgtk. This led to the creation of a fundamentally different Webkitgtk-based product named browser-base.

Key changes in the release of Webkitgtk 2.42.0 include:

  • A new rendering mechanism implemented using DMA-Buf shared buffers.
  • A new request for powers used to provide access to insert through Dom (Dom Paste).
  • Added API to set up experimental capabilities during operation.
  • Added API to install the volume of storage used to store data.
  • Webgl implementation relieved of binding to GBM.

Additionally, reports on the latest achievements of the browser engine Servo have been published. Servo, written in the Rust language, focuses on rendering web pages in multi-wind mode, decorating operations from DOM (Document Object Model), and achieving a higher level of code base security. Servo allows for parallel execution of smaller subtasks, making efficient use of multi-core CPUs. Parts of Servo have already been integrated into Firefox, such as the multi-threaded CSS engine and Webrender drawing system.

The latest nightly assemblies of Webkitgtk include the following features:

  • The interface of the Minibrowser user, a working example of a browser based on the Servo engine, equipped with a targeted line.

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