Russian YouTube: Threats, Blocking, and Prospects

Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on IT and Communications, Anton Gorelkin, has expressed doubts about the future success of Russian content creators on YouTube, labeling the platform as “hostile”. However, he stressed that it would be inappropriate to block YouTube in Russia until a suitable local alternative is available. Gorelkin advised video creators to utilize Russian platforms such as VK Video and Zen to distribute their content instead.

Alexander Hinshtein, the chairman of the State Duma Committee, echoed Gorelkin’s sentiments, stating that existing Russian video services, including RUTUBE, are unable to compete with YouTube. Hinshtein also discussed the possibility of blocking WhatsApp, particularly if Russian-speaking channels within the messenger pose a threat. This statement follows reports of new features being introduced by META in WhatsApp. The deputy noted that blocking WhatsApp would not cause significant problems, as there are alternative service options available.

Russian lawmakers are advocating for the development of local platforms while approaching international services with caution, especially if they have the potential to violate Russian legislation.

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