Israeli Startup Sherlock Turns Advertising into Surveillance Tool

Israeli IT company IT created a commercial product Sherlock, which, according to Investigation Haaretz, may infect devices via online -I will advertise to monitor users and collect data.

This is the first time that information about Insanet and its tracking program has become public. Sherlock is able to penetrate the devices based on Microsoft Windows, Google Android and Apple iOS.

Omer Benjakob, a researcher at the world, “This is the first case in the world when such a system is sold as a technology, not a service.” Sherlock approval was received from the Israeli Ministry of Defense, but with a number of restrictions, including the sale of exclusively democratic countries.

Insanet, founded in 2019, belongs to former military and specialists in the field of national security. Among the founders are the ex -head of the National Security Council of Israel Dani Arditi and the receivers Ariel Eisen and Roy Lemkin.

To promote its product, Insanet has united with the Israeli producer of Spye Candiru. The cost of hacking using Sherlock for the client is about 6 million euros.

The director of activism at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Jason Kelley, emphasized that the use of online online advertising technologies makes the product especially dangerous, as hacking can be aimed at certain groups of people. He recommends legislatively adjusting the data collection to prevent their use in order to survive.

However, there is good news: due to the high cost of use and other requirements, most likely, Sherlock poses a minimal threat to most people.

As a precaution, it is recommended to use advertising blockers, browsers focused on confidentiality, and avoid clicks on advertising.

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