Mounting Program Paralyzes State Structures of Columbia

Colombian Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Judiciary, and Industry and Trade Management Face Cyber Attacks

This week, the Ministry of Health and Social Protection of Colombia, the judiciary, and the supervisory management of industry and trade have announced serious problems in their work due to cyber attacks carried out by IFX Networks Colombia.

On Wednesday, representatives of the Ministry of Health reported that IFX Networks had notified them about problems affecting their data center. The ministry stated, “Due to this cybersecurity incident, we are unable to access the applications necessary to fulfill our mission and provide services at the national level.”

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection plays a crucial role in the formation of the country’s health policy, coordination of healthcare measures, and support for its citizens.

On Thursday evening, a message regarding work termination due to an attack on IFX was posted on the judiciary’s website. As a result of the attack, the country’s Supreme Court has suspended all hearings from September 14 to 20.

The supervisory management of industry and trade, responsible for protecting consumer rights and regulating market competition, has also confirmed the fact of the attack and suspended some operations until the end of the week.

Local media reports indicate that other state bodies are also experiencing technology problems; however, the exact number of affected organizations remains unknown.

Although none of the known hacking groups have taken public responsibility for the incident, cybersecurity researchers from the site have provided images suggesting possible involvement of the Ransomhouse in the attack on IFX Networks.

Saul Kattan, the advisor to the President of Colombia, referred to this attack as “the largest on infrastructure in Colombia in recent years” and criticized the legislative power for their lack of determination in addressing cybersecurity matters.

The attack occurred around the same period when the US National Security Council urged governments of different countries to refuse complying with hackers’ demands and not to pay ransoms.

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