Owncast Streaming Server 0.1.2 Released

News Report: Owncast 0.1.2 Production Released for Video Streaming and Broadcasting

Owncast 0.1.2 has been published, introducing a server for streaming video broadcasting and chat interaction with viewers. Unlike platforms like Twitch, Facebook Live, and YouTube Live, Owncast allows users to have full control over the broadcasting process and set their own chat regulations. The project, written in Go, is available under the MIT license.

To transmit video to the Owncast server, users can utilize any software that supports RTMP, such as OBS, StreamLabs, Restream, Zoom, and Jitsi. It is also possible to directly broadcast video from a webcam or HDMI port using FFMPEG. The server receives the initial video stream, converts it based on user-defined settings, and segments it for transmission to end-users using the HLS protocol (HTTP Live Streaming). Multiple streams with different quality levels and adaptive bitrate transmission are supported. To optimize video bandwidth usage, it can be transmitted to users through storage services compatible with Amazon S3.

In the new version, several features have been added, including support for user exit events from the chat, logging of requests with IP addresses using unacceptable keys, prohibition of chatbot registered names via the API, and implementation of a modal dialogue for confirmation requests.

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