Fheroes2 Launches Open-Source Heroes of Might and Magic 2 Engine 21 November

Version 1.0.10 of the project Fheroes2 is now available. This release is aimed at recreating the engine of the game Heroes of Might and Magic II from scratch. The project’s code is written in C++ and is distributed under the license gplv2. To start the game, players will need files with game resources that can be obtained from the original game Heroes of Might and Magic II.

The main changes in this version include:

  • AI has been updated to include the ability to use markets for resource exchange.
  • Improved AI algorithms have been implemented for searching paths in battles and using mass spells.
  • The Lastik tool has introduced an editor with the ability to erase objects in selected categories.
  • The editor now allows users to place objects of the Treasure and Artifact types.
  • The Window Spell City Portal has been adapted to vary in size depending on the game resolution and the size of the city list.
  • A new icon for the movement button has been added for better interaction with objects in front of the hero.
  • Over 30 errors and proposals for project improvement have been addressed and resolved.

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