UAE IT Firm G42 Targeted by CIA as Trojan Horse in USA

During Meetings in the White House Advisor to the National Security of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Takhnun Ben Zhedu, and His American colleague Jake Sullivan discussed issues related to G42 (Group42). A company specializing in artificial intelligence and controlled by Sheikh is concerned with US officials due to its close ties with China.

G42 is actively expanding, concluding agreements with large European and American companies, including the Astrazeneca pharmaceutical company and a $ 100 million deal with the US company Cerebras Systems for creating a 36 Exflopus of the world’s largest supercomputer. In addition, in October, G42 announced partnership with Openai.

However, on the secret channels of American intelligence, there are alarming reports about the Cooperation of the G42 with Chinese companies, which the United States consider to be a threat to security, including Huawei. It is worth noting that Huawei, like some other Chinese companies are included in the “black list” of the United States called Entity List – the list of organizations and companies with which the interaction of American enterprises should be limited or completely excluded.

CIA also compiled a closed profile of G42 general director Peng Xiao (Peng Xiao), which previously refused From American citizenship in favor of the Citizenship of the UAE. Particular attention is paid to the G42 technological infrastructure, built with the participation of Chinese companies, including Huawei. The G42, Pressight AI subsidiary is especially carefully studied, which is engaged in the sale of technologies for observing police institutions around the world

The United States expresses fears that through G42 advanced American technologies can fall into the hands of Chinese companies or government. Of particular concern is the possibility of transferring the genetic data of millions of Americans to the Chinese government.

Biden administration insists that the G42 stops communicating with Chinese companies and agencies, even considering the possibility of sanctions against the Emirate Company. In conditions of growing confrontation between superpower, the United States rely on the collection of intelligence to prevent China’s technological breakthroughs, which can undermine the military and technological advantage of America, especially in areas such as artificial intelligence and genomic research.

G42 representatives noted that the company is negotiating with the American authorities to comply with the regulation of the United States and is looking for partners among leading companies that share the values ​​of the company.

The G42 company, being the “pearl” of the UAE in the artificial intelligence industry, is in the center of the struggle between the United States and China. While the company seeks to develop partnerships with American companies, communications with Chinese enterprises continue to cause concern among the American authorities.

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