Repixture Update 3.11.0 for Minetest Engine Games

Repixture 3.11.0 Released: A Simplified Game of Survival

The highly anticipated release of Repixture 3.11.0 is now available. Repixture is an intentionally simplified game built on the engine minetest, offering players a sandbox environment where they can test their survival skills. This new version brings various updates and improvements to enhance the gaming experience.

Main Elements and Features

Repixture focuses on key elements such as agriculture, animals and monsters, villages and residents, and achievements. The game features an original craft system, allowing players to create new items and structures using various resources found within the game.

New Features and Updates

The latest version of Repixture introduces the API RP_Music, which adds an enhanced music experience to the game. Some music tracks have been replaced, providing a fresh and immersive audio atmosphere for players. Additionally, the translation into Russian has been updated, allowing more players to enjoy the game in their native language.

Another notable development is the introduction of a new Mob API, designed to replace the existing mobs red API. The new Mob API aims to improve various aspects of the game, including breeding, sounds, animations, and more. Currently, the development of the API is being carried out in a separate branch known as “mobs_new2”.

Get Repixture 3.11.0 Today

Repixture 3.11.0 is available for download on the official Repixture website. The game’s code is written in Lua and distributed under the lgpl-2.1 license. Players can visit the project’s code repository on Codeberg to explore the source code and contribute to its development.

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