Russian Govt Approves Rules for User Identification by Hosting Providers

The Government of the Russian Federation signed a resolution dated 11/29/2023 No. 2011 “On approval of the rules for the identification and (or) authentication by persons who contacted the hosting provider in order to obtain computing power to post information in the information system, constantly connected to the information and telecommunication network” Internet “”.

The Government of Russia has passed a resolution to establish rules for identifying and authenticating individuals who contact hosting providers for computing power to post information on the internet. The resolution was signed on November 29, 2023.

The document outlines several methods of identification and authentication:

  • Use of the single identification and authentication system (ESIA) and a single biometric system (EBS).
  • Utilization of an enhanced qualified electronic signature.
  • Presentation of specific documents to the hosting provider, including passports or other identity documents for individuals, passports or other identifying documents for individual entrepreneurs, and documents confirming authorization and registration for persons authorized to contract for computing power.
  • Transfer of funds from a bank account at the Bank of the Russian Federation to the hosting provider’s bank account.
  • Use of an information system authorized by the hosting provider for identification and authentication.
  • Usage of payment cards, subscriber numbers, or fast payment services (SBP).

The rules for notification of hosting providers about the beginning of activity are also separately approved. According to the document, the hosting providers must notify Roskomnadzor of the start of work for 15 business days. The notification indicates information about the person providing hosting services, data on the availability of a unique identifier of the totality of communications, about network addresses, on the location of network capacities, about traffic points, about persons responsible for infobsis, and persons responsible for organizational and technical interaction As part of the centralized network management, etc.

The resolution also includes provisions for hosting providers to notify Roskomnadzor, the Russian government agency responsible for overseeing communications and media, of their commencement of activities. Hosting providers are required to submit this notification within 15 business days. The notification must include details about the hosting service provider, a unique identifier for communication, network addresses, location of network capacities, traffic points, and responsible personnel for information system security and organizational and technical interaction related to network management.

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