Putin: Western Generative Models Cancel Russia

During the AI Journey Sberbank conference, President Vladimir Putin expressed his concern regarding the work of certain Western search engines and generative models. He highlighted their biased approach, which often overlooks and dismisses Russian culture in the digital space. This report was shared by RBC.

Putin specifically noted that these systems primarily focus on English-language content. He explained that these systems are given a creative task and solve it using solely English-language data, which is convenient and beneficial for the system developers. As a result, the algorithm may inaccurately suggest that Russia, Russian science, and culture “simply does not exist.” Putin referred to this as a form of cancellation in the digital space.

The president also emphasized the significance of artificial intelligence in the modern world. He stated that humanity is entering a new era of development with the integration of AI. Putin highlighted the extensive growth in the utilization of AI in Russia’s economy and social sphere, which has increased by 1.5 times in recent years. He specifically mentioned the application of AI in the fuel and energy industry, such as in well arrangement and logistics.

Concluding his speech, Vladimir Putin expressed his belief in the necessity of creating a favorable environment for the development of artificial intelligence in Russia. He aims to position the country as one of the leading jurisdictions in this field.

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