Louvre 1.0: Library for Wayland-based Composite Server Dev

Developers of Cuarzo OS Present First Release of Louvre Library for Wayland-based Composite Servers

Developers of the project Cuarzo OS presented the first release of the library louvre, providing components for the development of composite servers based on the Wayland Protocol. The code is written in C++ and spreads under the license gplv3.

The library takes on the implementation of all low-level operations, including the management of graphic buffers, interaction with the input subsystems and graphic APIs in Linux, and also offers ready-made implementations of various extensions of the Wayland protocol. The presence of ready-made components makes it possible not to spend months of working on creating typical low-level elements, but immediately get a ready-made and working frame of a composite server, which can be adapted to your needs and supplement the necessary advanced functionality. If necessary, the developer can reduce the methods provided by the library for processing protocols, input and drawing events.

According to developers, the library outperforms competing solutions noticeably in performance. For example, an example of a composite server, written using Louvre louvre-weston-clone, reproducing the functionality of the Weston project, compared with Weston and Sway, consumes less CPU and GPU resources in the tests and also allows achieving a stably high FPS, even in complex scenarios.

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