Free 3D Modeling System Blender 4.0 Released

Blender Foundation published The release of a 3D-moderation free package Blender 4.0 , suitable for solving various problems associated with 3D modeling, 3D graphics, computer games, simulation, rendering, rendering, rendering, rendering Compositioning, tracking of movements, sculptural modeling, creating animation and editing videos. The code is distributed under the GPL license. Ready-made assemblies formed for linux, windows and MacOS. Also continue to be supported Blender branches 3.3 and 3.6 with a long term of support (LTS), updates for which they will be formed until September 2024 and June 2025.

Among added better :

  • Offered new implementation Nodes with the principal shader BSDF (Principled Bidirectional Scattering Distributututo On Function), in which significantly expanded support for various types of materials and increased flexibility of use. For example, the shine of the fabric (Sheen) is now provided with a new shader model of microfiber and is placed in the upper layer above the glow and coating, which allows it to be used not only for villous tissues, but also to create the effect of dust on any materials. The coating layer (Coat) is now placed above the layer of glow (Emission), which, for example, allows you to simulate the glow of the screen behind the glass. In subsighting dispersion, not a separate, but basic color is now used. Nodes “Glossy BSDF” and “Anisotropic BSDF” are
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