Programming Language v0.4.3 Released

After 40 days of development published the new version of a static programming language v (vlang). The main goals in creating V were the simplicity of study and use, high readability, rapid compilation, increased safety, effective development, cross-platform use, improved interaction with the language C, the best processing of errors, modern features and more convenient support for programs. The code of the compiler, libraries and related tools open under the license mit.

In the new version:

  • Improvements in the language:
  • New module “encoding.xml” with a parser, validation, unit tests.
  • Improved support for Courautines (IO, network).
  • Reducing memory release in Vweb applications by 80%.
  • Implementation “@vcurrenthash” to replace “c.v_current_commit_hash”.
  • Type of int is identified from I64 to 64-bit platforms and from I32 to 32-bit (beginning of the transition).
  • Correction Rules for checking types for a new type of int and optimization of code generation.
  • Changes in the API, violating compatibility:
  • Dictionary “Request.cookies” declared outdated. The replacement came “Request.cookie ()” and “Request.add_cookie ()”.
  • Strict rules for types C, which now should always be declared.
  • Changes in the type check system:
  • The warning of the division of Option/Result is translated into a category of errors.
  • Correction Call “FN” with an optional argument in Autofree.
  • The test
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