Mincifers Support Cybervo, Oppose IT-Shnaks Delay Abolition

The Minister of Digital Development supports the creation of Cybervysk

The Minister of Digital Development, Maksut Shadaev, expressed his support for the creation of Cybervysk, but highlighted an important condition during his speech at the CNews forum, according to Interfax.

“I definitely support the plans for the creation of Cybervysk. However, we need to ensure that it does not cause any delays for IT specialists working in accredited companies,” stated Shadaev.

Shadaev further explained that there is already a functioning contract service in the army, where individuals are entering into contracts. He suggested that if a similar approach is taken, it could be considered for the troops specializing in cybersecurity.

“I hope that the Ministry of Defense is actively addressing this issue,” added the minister.

Previously, Anton Gorekin, a deputy of the State Duma, proposed the creation of Cybervysk under the Russian Guard, emphasizing that it would enhance the country’s cybersecurity.

Shadaev also addressed the existing delay for citizens under 30 years of age working in accredited IT companies, noting that despite the measure, individual incidents still arise.

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