Breakthrough in Wireless Energy, Spies in Freelance, and Cyberosis Protection in Russia

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Dangerous Games in Russia

In Russia, authorities are taking steps to take control of the online game market due to concerns that computer games can be used to disseminate “anti-state values” and launder criminal money.

Malicious Campaign against Defense and Oil and Gas Companies

A new study by the Cyberian Center has revealed alarming details about a malicious campaign targeted at dozens of defense and oil and gas companies in eastern Europe. The extent and impact of this campaign have raised serious concerns among authorities.

Ensuring Security in IT Companies

IT companies are being advised to thoroughly screen their freelance employees for possible connections to foreign intelligence agencies. This precautionary measure is aimed at ensuring the security and integrity of sensitive information.

Breakthrough in Wireless Energy Transmission

In Finland, scientists have achieved a significant breakthrough in understanding the concept of wireless energy transmission over long distances. This development could potentially revolutionize the way energy is transmitted and utilized in the future.

Mandatory Insurance for Cyberca and Data Leaks in Russia

Russia is planning to introduce mandatory insurance to cover the risks associated with cyber attacks and data leaks. This proactive step aims to protect individuals and organizations from financial losses and potential damages caused by cybercrime.

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