Russian Companies to Get Digital Trace Tool for Employee Search from NTI

Starting in 2026, Russian employers will have access to a new system that allows them to search for potential job candidates based on their digital footprint. This innovative system is currently being developed by experts from the National Technological Initiative (NTI) competence center at Moscow State University, specializing in the storage and analysis of data.

The system will analyze information about students and graduates, including their term papers, diploma projects, scientific articles, and databases. It will then compare this information with available job vacancies and identify the most suitable applicants. The digital trace of the graduate will encompass their complete works, including term papers, scientific publications, computer programs, and databases. However, there are plans to expand this list by incorporating materials from professional resources and annotations from scientific projects.

This new service is expected to be beneficial across various industries, ranging from IT to medicine. The NTI competence center also highlighted its potential application in the CIS countries. The main advantage of this system lies in its ability to quickly and accurately identify specialists, thereby reducing the time required for their adaptation to a new workplace.

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