Generative AI in China to Add 30T Yuan to Economy by 2035

The Beijing Analytical Center related to the Chinese Ministry of Industry predicts that by 2035, Chinese generative artificial intelligence (AI) will bring 30 trillion yuan (about 4.2 trillion US dollars) to the country’s economy). This will be a third of the global economic value of this industry, estimated at 90 trillion yuan.

Already this year it is expected that the generative and the market of the AI ​​in China will reach 10 trillion yuan, since its use is activated in traditional industries. About this says in the CCID research group, affiliated with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies (MIIT), which is referred to by the state media.

According to CCID, the penetration of generative AI in China is about 15%. The main areas using technology AI are production, retail trade, telecommunications and healthcare. CCID analyst Zhou Dabao told the Chinese state television channel that the most actively used in retail trade and telecommunications with indicators of 13% and 10%, respectively, they are followed by healthcare and production with 7% and 5%.

After the launch of the popular ChatGPT bot, Openai from San Francisco at the end of 2022, China experienced a surge in interest in such technologies. Large technological companies, such as Baidu search engine, social media Tencent Holdings and Bytedance, as well as Sensetime and IFlytek AI, presented their similar products for the domestic market.

Tencent claims that their Hunyuan model is used in more than 180 services, including the Tencent Meeting conferences and the Tencent Docs cloud text processor, as well as in their online advertising business and search for WeChat.

According to Zhou from CCID, new players continue to enter the market. This year alone, more than 368 new startups associated with AI appeared in China, which means the appearance of more than one new company per day in this area.

By July, in China there were more than 4,300 companies operating in the field of AI, said Xu Xialan, Deputy Minister of Miit, at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai.

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