Chinese Army Utilizes Mixed Reality for Military Preparation

The People’s Liberation Army (the LLC) uses mixed reality technologies to prepare its military, using Microsoft HoloLens 2. Chinese state television company CCTV-7, showing a video in which China Air Force Engineer simulates a military aircraft maintenance Using these glasses.

According to Information from the South China Morning Post, the military in the video used the Hololens 2 headset from Microsoft for virtual disassembly and checking the aircraft engine. The device allows you to perform tasks quickly, accurately and reliably. HoloLens 2 glasses were represented in 2019 and are available on the Chinese market at a price of 3,500 US dollars.

Military use of mixed reality corresponds to the goals of China to modernize the army. President Xi Jinping emphasizes the importance of using modern technologies to increase combat efficiency. In addition to training, the PLA uses a supplemented reality to manage unmanned aerial vehicles and vehicles, as shown in a documentary released in August.

Meanwhile, Microsoft entered into a contract with the US Army for the supply of more than 120,000 mixed reality sets worth up to $21.88 billion for a decade. In July, the company confirmed that it would begin to supply about 20 improved HoloLens technology prototypes for the US Army from August.

HoloLens 2 from Microsoft is a significant breakthrough in the technology of mixed reality, providing immersion using an improved visual display system. The device is equipped with gaze tracking sensors, which allows you to naturally interact with holograms, and also supports the Windows Hello security system for authentication using the recognition of the iris of the eye.

The use of advanced technologies in the Chinese Armed Forces indicates the country’s readiness to use important technological achievements, including those developed in the USA for strategic purposes.

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