Linux Nucleus Update 6.6.6 Released

Greg Kroah-Hartman, who is responsible for supporting the stable branch of the Linux kernel, has published The iconic release of the Linux kernel 6.6.6, which proposes the change affecting the wireless stack CFG80211. The change addresses the issues that arose in version 6.6.5 due to a regression caused by an error in the kernel. This error was not fixed in a related commit along with the correction in the previous version. To rectify this, a similar rollback of the correction is proposed in version 6.1.67.

You can find the publication of the Linux kernel 6.6.6 here.

The official website of the Linux kernel is

The changelog for version 6.6.6 can be accessed here.

The correction made in version 6.6.5 can be viewed here.

The related commit that was not included in version 6.6.5 can be found here.

The proposed rollback of the correction in version 6.1.67 is mentioned in this changelog.

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