Hacker Group Leader Arrested in Spain, 300 Attacks in Dozens of Countries

The Spanish police have arrested one of the leaders of the Kelvin Security hacker group in Alicante. This individual is responsible for carrying out over 300 attacks on strategic sectors across 90 countries over a span of three years.

According to a statement from the National Police of Spain, the detained hacker was primarily involved in the laundering of money obtained through criminal activities.

The hacker group, known as Kelvin Security, specifically targeted critical infrastructures and government institutions. In Spain, their attacks reached municipalities such as Getafe (Madrid), Kamas (Seville), La-Aba (Badahos), and the Castile-La-Mancha government.

These hackers would search for vulnerabilities on the websites of strategic entities and exploit them to steal confidential data. Subsequently, they would sell this data on the darknet.

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