Debian 12.4 update

The DEBIAN 12.4 distribution has recently undergone a corrective renewal process, which includes packet updates and adjustments added to the installer. This release includes 94 updates aimed at eliminating stability problems and 65 updates focused on eliminating vulnerabilities. Due to the identification of an error in preparation of the Kernel-Image-6.1 core during the final stage of its preparation, the release of Debian 12.3 was skipped to prevent potential data damage to FS Ext4.

Debian 12.4 now features the Kernel-Image-6.1.0-15 nucleus, based on version 6.1.66, which includes a fix for the aforementioned problem. Other notable changes in Debian 12.4 include the update to fresh stable versions of Gnome-Shell, Mutter, NVIDIA-GRAPHICS-DRIVERS, POSTGRESQL-15, QEMU, SYSTEMD, Xen, TBSYNC, GOSA, and Lastpass-App. The GIMP-DDS package has been removed as it is no longer necessary, with its functionality now being built into GIMP.

In addition, a new LLVM-TOOOLCHININ-16 package has been introduced, based on LLVM/Clang 16, which is essential for assembling new versions of the Chromium browser. Support for UNICODE 15.1 has been added in GNOME-CHARACTERS and FONTS-NOTO-COLOR-EMOJI. Libsolv now includes support for the ZSTD compression algorithm. Moreover, the default web interface in QBitTorrent has been disconnected by UPNP.

For those looking to load and install Debian 12.4 “from scratch,” dedicated assemblies are available. However, systems that are already installed and supported in their current condition can receive updates from Debian 12.4 via the standard update installation system. Users can access security problem fixes included in Debian 12.4 through as updates continue to roll out.

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