Lubuntu Switches to QT 6 and Wayland

The developers of the Lubuntu published the distribution plan for QT 6 and Wayland. Support for the optional session based on Wayland will appear in Lubuntu 24.02, and in the Lubuntu version 24.10 this session will be involved in default. In parallel, work continues to integrate Wayland and QT 6 support in the user environment of LXQT, supplied in Lubuntu (the current issue of LXQT 1.4 continues to be based on the QT 5.15 branch, but the next issue of LXQT is promised to be transferred to Qt 6).

The Lubuntu transition to Wayland is made against the backdrop of the general trend from the X11 in the distributions, for example, in the Ubuntu Desktop session based on the default, starting with the release of 22.04, the termination of the KDE session on the basis of X11. In Fedora 40, GNOME and GTK are considering the possibility of removing X11 support, and Red Hat will completely stop the supply of the X-server in the next Rhel distribution branch. At the same time, Lubuntu intends to ensure optional support for the X11 session before the release of 04.26, if until that time, Ubuntu developers will not remove the X-server from the repository.

The report also reveals the development of its own installer in Lubuntu, built on the Calamares framework, which uses the QT library to create a user interface. It is noted that the new installer proposed in Ubuntu Desktop is tied to the Flutter library, and the old Ubiquity installer is designed to use GTK or integration with KDE components that are not used surrounded by LXQT. In addition, Calamares is ahead of the Ubuntu project installations in terms of interface performance and installation speed, and is also better combined with Lubuntu design topics.

In preparation for the release of Lubuntu 24.04, the installer has added a customization menu and three installation modes (minimum without SnAPD, ordinary, and full with additional applications). The first download screen allows users to select between launching the LIVE-PREVIEW or the Installation.

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