Debian 12.3 Release Delayed Over FS Ext4 Issue

Developers of the Debian announced the publication of installation images with the update of Debian 12.3 due to the identification of Linux errors, leading to Data damage in the EXT4 file system. Users of already installed systems are recommended to refrain from installing updates of packages with a nucleus from the repository until the publication of corrections.

The problem is manifested in the stable branch of the Linux 6.1 nucleus, into which Correction, originally added to a branch of 6.5 and eliminating emergency completion due to an error in the code of updating the file size, reducing the direct input/output of the O_SYNC flag after surgery. The damage is noted as not critical (which is implied by this is not explained, probably the data loss occurs under a very rare combination of circumstances or the data is irrevocably not lost, but the file size becomes more actual).

In the context of Debian 12, the error was transferred to a package with a nucleus of 6.1, after its synchronization with the release 6.1.64. During the discussion of the error, Debian developers mentioned that the problem was eliminated in updating 6.1.66, but it is not yet clear which of the corrections added to this issue solves the problem, since there are no changes in the VFS and EXT4 changes in the nucleus 6.1.66 (most likely we are talking about the termination of the manifestation of the problem in the DEB packet based on the nucleus 6.1.66, while the correction was actually added to the nucleus branch 6.1.65, in which there are changes associated with Ext4).

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