Professions at Highest Risk from AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is causing concern due to its potential to automate jobs, particularly among white-collar workers. A recent study conducted by the British Ministry of Education reveals that AI has the capability to automate 10-30% of professions. Some of the positions under threat include telephone sellers, lawyers, psychologists, teachers, and market merchants.

The impact of AI-based chatbots, such as Chatgpt and Google Bard, is significant as they can perform routine tasks, operate 24/7, and interact with multiple customers simultaneously. The study identifies managerial consultants, financial managers, accountants, and psychologists as the most affected professions.

RANKProfession (general effect of AI)Profession (the impact of chatbots/AI)
1Management consultants and business analyticsTelephone sellers
2Financial managers and directorsLawyers
4PsychologistsTeachers of additional education
5Procurement managersMarket and street traders and assistants
6Actuals, economists, and statisticsLaw specialists
7Business and financial project managersCreditors of loans
8Financial and investment analysts and advisersHR specialists
9Legal specialistsPublic Relations
10Business professionals and analystsManagement consultants and business analytics
11Creditors of loansMarketing research interviewers
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