Apple Fights Spies and Extortionists: Digitalization Disaster

News Report: Increase in Data Leaks Poses Growing Threat

A study conducted by Dr. Stewart Madnik, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, on behalf of Apple, has revealed a significant increase in the number of data leaks worldwide. The study found that the number of incidents tripled from 2013 to 2022, resulting in approximately 2.6 billion compromised personal data records in the past two years.

The trend of increasing data leaks has continued into 2023. Recent reports from researchers have emphasized the rising levels of security threats, highlighting the need for technological companies to take proactive measures. In response to these challenges, Apple and other companies have been implementing end-to-end encryption technologies. Apple, in particular, launched improved data protection for iCloud last year, offering users additional security measures for their sensitive information, even in the event of a data leak.[1]

This enhanced protection on iCloud is designed to safeguard 14 categories of confidential data, including ICLOUD KEYCHAIN passwords and medical information. By activating the improved protection, the number of protected categories increases to 23, encompassing iCloud backups, notes, photos, and more.

Craig Federighi, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Engineering Software, has expressed the company’s commitment to combating threats and continuing to develop its security tools. The report also highlights the role of digitalization in the surge of data leaks, with thousands of incidents putting the personal data of millions of consumers at risk every year.

As hackers constantly refine their methods, evading previously effective security measures, organizations with even the most advanced security systems are exposed to vulnerabilities that were once considered insignificant. The report also reveals that even cautious users can suffer if the organizations entrusted with their data fail to adequately safeguard it.

Hackers often target partners with weaker security systems as a gateway to infiltrate organizations with stronger protection. They may extract sensitive information such as accounting data or gather intelligence to launch more targeted attacks on employees and the company’s network.

In light of these findings, Apple asserts that its products are among the safest in the market. One notable feature highlighted is the blocking mode, which offers protection against severe threats such as spyware invasions.

In the United States alone, data leaks have increased by 20

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